A next-generation digital media and consumer intelligence agency.

We are accomplished digital media marketers and strategists who speak your language – results. Don’t get tangled in tongue-tied technology buzzwords and confusing jargon. Our straightforward approach produces an effective digital media strategy for your brand with transparency, accountability and, of course, campaign performance.


Digital media is all we do. Armed with vast consumer insights and access to the best consumer data and technology partners – the stack – we apply strong analytical skills and constant management to develop digital customer acquisition campaigns – the rabbit – that advance your business. So while we may be technology stack obsessed, our determined and analytical approach provides a clear path to customer engagement.

Stackrabbit Advantages

  • Stackrabbit operates in a self-serve media buying environment and has removed the middleman by forming direct partnerships with the industries leading buying platforms and data partners
  • More of our client dollars go directly into the media buys instead of third-party fees
  • Our custom-built technology stack provides extensive reach across nearly every digital ad format (Display, Video, Native, CTV/OTT, Audio, Digital OOH) and access to over 150,000 different third-party data segments
  • Our powerful approach allows us to develop sophisticated digital ad strategies that pinpoint your target audience and eliminate wasted impressions
  • All campaigns will be actively managed hands-on by a team of in-house experts
  • We go beyond just evaluating impressions and clicks and analyze data “beyond the click” to formulate insights & optimize campaigns in real-time to maximize results
  • We provide customized comprehensive reporting, including robust audience insights that provide detailed visibility into the demographic & psychographic makeup of your online customers


Media Planning/Strategy

Our digital media philosophy is simple. Work closely with our clients to develop clear goals, define and understand the target audience, and then leverage the best technology and most trusted data partners to drive trackable results.

Paid Search Advertising

Take advantage of the existing demand in your market area. Reach in-market customers actively searching Google and Bing for your product/service. Paid search is proven to drive conversions at a very efficient cost.

Programmatic Buying

Combining our best-in-class digital media buying tech stack with our hard-earned media buying credentials, we’ll efficiently reach your target audience across premium websites, video platforms, and digital audio services. See all of the ad formats we cover here.

Data Management + Activation

1st and 3rd party data are at the heart of everything we do. We’ll max-out your CRM and website data and combine it with our access to over 200,000+ different 3PD segments to develop sophisticated marketing strategies.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising offers a unique combination of reach and performance. Backed by powerful performance algorithms and customer intelligence, social media can be used to both drive conversions and increase brand awareness or engagement.

Media Measurement

If we can’t track it, it didn’t happen. We’ll tap into your website data to ensure that all campaigns are driving meaningful results. All of our digital media services include comprehensive conversion tracking implementation and a custom monthly performance report.

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Gavin Marks and Hank Bell bring a combined 25 years of hands-on digital media planning and buying experience to StrackRabbit. Not satisfied with the current digital media landscape in Houston, the pair put their philosophy into action. Leveraging a stack of best-in-class media technology – we pride ourselves on better performance through a combination of algorithmic and “human touch” campaign management, sophisticated use of 1st and 3rd party data, accountability and cost savings. We understand that digital KPI are often “proxy metrics” and are bullish on establishing the most meaningful campaign goals to align with our Client’s actual marketing objective – Leading to more thoughtful optimization, never losing sight of the “offline” goal.

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